Our Qualifications

When you search for a financial professional and come across "CFP®" professionals, this acronym indicates a highly credentialed financial professional that can help you plan your whole financial life. The designation and certification is only awarded to financial professionals who have passed rigorous coursework and an examination to prove their fluency in all financial disiplines: tax, investments, estate planning, governmental benefits, retirement plans, and insurance.

Added to the academic training, CFP® professionals must undergo years of training—4,000 to 6,000 hours in total—before they are eligible to place the letters CFP® after their name. They’re also obligated to continue their education even after receiving certification. Finally, their legal and financial records are checked and monitored for 'bad behavior' over the course of their careers to protect the public from 'bad actors'. 

Those who provide service directly to clients at the WFG, LLC, are CFP®'s and also licensed in securities and insurance. Those industries also have continuing education as well as legal and financial 'red flag' systems to protect the public from 'bad actors'. All this means our financial professionals are both highly qualified and trustworthy with your confidential matters.

Since 1983 and the first meeting with a prospective client until  the meeting we may have with you, our method has been to bring the best of service to enhance your success......oftentimes for decades to come.  It's just that simple.